The refund policy is in place to protect your purchases against any unforeseeable circumstances and for situations such as change of mind. However, we are not required to provide a refund, if you change your mind after 30 days refund term.

The refunds are authorised case by case basis after thorough consideration and review by our specialist team. You may be eligible for refund, if any of the following occurs:

  • you have purchased the course but not commenced
  • refund is requested within 30 days of purchase
  • course is significantly different from the description
  • part of a trial where a payment is due at the end of trial period 
  • if you have accidentally purchased the same course twice

Partial Refunds

We do not offer partial refunds for any component of the course. Each course has its own learning outcomes and topics it covers. Please review those carefully, before making the purchase.

You can contact Koaas at any time through our contact page to have our decision reviewed. The outcome of the decision and the time to resolve such dispute may depend on each case. You will receive the communication and updates on such review from Koaas via email. 

Refund due to our system error

Being an online system, there might be times when we require to perform maintenance on our system to provide better products, service, efficiency and accuracy.

We will review your request only if:

  • it extends the delivery by more than 14 days in total from the date of order was originally placed
  • if it has resulted in no access to our systems for more than 14 days
  • If it has huge financial impact due to no access or restricted access for more than 14 days

However, if a refund is agreed by Koaas at our sole discretion, may be refunded in the form of payment to your immediate payment type selected during purchase.

Refund WILL NOT be directed to any other bank accounts other than the original source of payment whether being, direct deposit, credit card or debit card etc. 

How to request a refund?

To request a refund, please complete the form below and fill in the required details. Once you have submitted the request, our team will review it and respond usually in 5 business days. You will receive update via registered email address.

Please check your spam/junk email folder to avoid delays in case further information is required.

Once the refund has been approved you will receive update via email. Generally, you will receive the credit within 5 business days to your immediate payment method used during purchase.

Refund Request Form

Refunds FAQ

If you have not received the refund within 14 days of us approving it, please contact your financial institution to see if there is delay on their end with regards to releasing the funds.
We may be able to offer you credit to purchase another course of similar value. However, if you are keen on receiving the refund, you may be required to confirm a few details that can be discussed during your request.
It is possible that your refund request may have been held back for verification and pending outcome. Whilst we try to resolve our most requests in 5 business days, at times there can be delays. You can always send us a follow up email via contact us, if your request has not been answered after 14 days from your first lodgement date.
Generally speaking we do not charge any admin fees on the refunds, however your financial institution i.e. Bank or PayPal may charge a fee to receive the funds. We are unable to credit you for such charges.

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